Is Karate a Safe Sport?

Karate is a martial arts that has immensely earned the favour of kids and adults in almost similar levels. Karate enables individuals to become active and physically fit as they use kicks and punches to defend themselves. Besides, it presents a wide array of benefits to those involved. It offers participants a chance to develop focus and master essential techniques to counteract hits. The stamina and confidence of participants develops too while engaging in the sport at different levels.

As opposed to many current forms of martial sports, Karate is a safe sport to undertake. If you are reluctant about enjoying this sport or worried that your child will be exposed to major injuries, it is time to shed off that mentality. In this article, we focus on 4 reasons regarding how Karate is a safe sport.  For more on the topic , check out Healthy Children’s blog looking at the martial art:

1. A weapon less form of self-defence

In practicing Karate, there are no weapons incorporated. The hands and feet are the ‘weapons’ used to enhance self-defence during the actual Karate endeavour. Hence the use of hands and feet translates to a sport that is devoid of harm thus very safe.

2. Injuries are very minimal

Although injuries can occur during Karate sessions, they can be avoided making the sport safe. It all depends on the Karate skills a person possesses. Hardly do skilled Karate enthusiasts get injuries when participating in this sport. The injuries if any, are very minimal. In most cases, individuals only sustain few minor injuries such as bruises and cuts. This is because skilled Karate people are guided by qualified Karate instructors who assist in preventing occurrence of injuries. The instructors extend useful advice and knowledge to individuals on the best techniques for kicking and punching. Further, they advise people on application of the right force to avoid injuries to opponents. They also nurture a spirit of self-control in trainees all in an effort to prevent serious injuries.

3. Protective and safety gear

The good thing about Karate as a sport is that it observes safety standards. People are allowed to wear headgear to avoid head injuries if there are high chances of flying kicks and high jumps. Other protective equipment such as mouth guards and body pads also make Karate a safe sport for people to partake of.  

4. Safety Flooring

It is also crucial for every karate establishment to utilise safety flooring to make certain that those participating in the sport remain safe in the event of any falls or tackles that may occur. Whilst some companies use safety mats, arguably the best safety surfacing to use is wet pour surfacing as this is an impact absorbing surface that once installed, doesn’t have to be moved or packed away like safety mats do.

5.  Warm Up Sessions

Warm up sessions precede actual Karate sessions. The warm up sessions are meant to instill flexibility prior to commencement of Karate sessions. This is crucial as it reduces the chances of injury manifestation thus enhancing the safe nature of Karate.